These are the facts and myths of acne you need to know

Carefully to treat acne. If not appropriate, thus Acne can be critical. Germ-infected pimples are not unlikely to leave more permanent scar or scars on the face. Not beautiful, isn't it, if your pretty face ruined by the former-acne scars?

So these are myths and facts about acne.

Eat Chocolate
The food is greasy and sweet is often rated as the cause of acne occurs. A dermatologist from Great Barrington, Illionis, Amy Derick, m.d., FAAD.., denied if the chocolate and caffeine can cause acne. "There are indeed some studies that associate food with acne. Such as fresh milk, which increases the production of hormones and contains a lot of bacteria so it can trigger acne. However, the data used are also not so strong, "he said.

Senada with Amy, Clare a. Pipkin, MD., dermatologists from the Duke University School of Medicine, also denied if greasy food cause acne, including peanuts and chocolate. "Fatty foods no impact at all on the health of the skin. However, the condition of the skin that become more oily may lead to blockage of the pores making acne occurs, "said Pipkin.

In the meantime, this oily skin condition caused by the Sebaceous oil glands aka who experience hyperactivity that occurs in fat production and spending imbalances that lead to blockages.

The Sun ray
Multiply time facial skin exposed to the Sun to rid breakouts? These are just myths about acne. Indeed, a little sun exposure can relieve acne. But sun exposure on an ongoing basis will clog pores, resulting in blackheads, comedones, black and white, until the small pimples.

So, be sure to always use sunscreen of non-komedogenik (non-pore-clogging) when the skin is prone to breakouts. This type of sunscreen do not risk to clog pores so no more severe acne triggers.

Definitely Stress!
When the face of the sudden breakouts, the sign You're stressed. Is It Really True? Some research about the relation of acne and the final examinations students ever done by experts in America. However, it is difficult to ascertain if the stress is the cause of acne. "Not all the respondents students that breakouts are becoming increasingly breakouts during times of stress. So stress does play a major role as a trigger acne. And, we have yet to see a study that shows stress hormones make acne worse, "says Amy.

Frequently Wash Your Face
Wash your face many times a day, use the face scrub hard and astringent, it will trigger the acne worse. "Research on teens who face breakouts shows if the wash your face twice a day is more effective than just once. But that does not mean the facial wash more often for the better. Because, if done excessively, it will make the dry skin that triggers irritation and acne, "Amy's suggestion.

Cleansing the face can use products that are formulated for skin breakouts, usually contain salicylic acid ataubenzoyl peroxide. In addition, keep doing the treatment with anti acne cream. "Wearing a cream products constituted more efficacious than retinoids wash the face many times," says Amy.

Do Not Use Moisturizer
This is also another proof of myths about acne. Keeping the skin remains dry by avoiding excessive moisturized at all not a good way to prevent acne. When the skin is too dry and flaky, dead skin cells can accumulate in the face. This will lead to clogged pores. Furthermore, the production of oil on the skin is too dry thus contribute to cause acne. This means that although Your breakouts, keep use Moisturizer. However, select which are no pore-clogged for everyday appearance.