Several cleaning options for your beauty face

Clean facial skin, healthy, and glowing is the dream of every woman. Therefore, it is very important to clean the skin used as a ritual that is performed at least 2 times a day. For that, there are several cleaning options that can be used to your skin type and comfort in use.

Glycerine Soaps / Cleansing Bars
Facial skin is softer than most of the skin of the body. So, be careful in choosing the content of soap. Do not get too harsh and not quite light to the skin. But for you who like freshness "face wash" with soap and water, choose a soap containing a moisturizer / moisturizer. Transparent soap can also be used because it does not contain detergents.

Cream Cleansers / Cream Cleanser
This type not just cream cleanser facial skin, while moisturizing function. We recommend that you select the products according to your skin type. For maximum results, use a cream cleanser with clean hands, let stand a minute to sink in, then clean with a cotton swab or tissue.

Foaming Cleansers
For skin types that require more in-depth cleaning, foam / foam cleanser can be an option. Use enough foam cleanser on the face that has been moistened before, then rinse with water.

Facial Scrub
This includes the type of facial skin cleanser and sandy
Facial Scrub. It can raise the dead cells on the skin so that the skin of the face no longer looks dull but becomes more luminous.

It must be remembered, is not the type of cleaning to be used every day, because it will cause the skin to become too dry.

After the skin is cleaned with soap, cream, or foam cleanser,you must select toners according to skin type. But keep in mind to buy the free alcohol (alcohol can make the skin too dry).

2 in 1 Cleansers
If you want practical and do not have much time, there are still other options, like 2 in 1 cleansers. This type of liquid cleanser also contains the toner so that its use can be at once.

From the many cleaning options, should be adjusted to the type of your skin , so it can prevent the appearance of acne, comedones, or blackheads.

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Some acne free tips for you

One single small pimple is disturbing. Moreover, if many, even inflamed. It's really nightmare!

Why does acne Appear?

There are many factors that cause acne. Of heredity, stress, increasing testosterone at puberty, to pollution. But the main thing is due to excessive production of oil glands that cover the pores of the skin.

What You Should Do:
- Diligently cleansing the face, at least twice a day. Do it gently, to avoid irritation.
- Use a shampoo that does not make hair oily, because it can stimulate acne flourish.
- Get rid of acne that grows on the body with a bath using a special soap acne.
- Ready willing wax paper in your bag. Whenever the face oily skin, you just wipe it clean.
- Take vitamins to nourish the skin and resilient against pollution.
- Remove acne by using anti-acne cream.

Do not do this:
- Holding the skin with dirty hands.
- Do not immediately clean up make-up which caused the rest settles in the pores.
- Squeezing pimples, not a solution but a new problem. The skin will become infected and leave scars.

Cystic Acne
Acne or Cystic Acne stone arguably the most disturbing. Because the size is large, prominent, inflamed, a lot, and happy "flocking". There is only one way to solve it: consultation with a doctor! Usually, the doctor will give you antibiotics or injected with cortisone.

Did you know?
You can eat chocolate at any time, because he does not cause acne. The main cause of acne is the production of excess oil in the skin.

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How to Prevent Acne Naturally

Acne vulgaris, simply known as acne, is a skin condition which causes seborrhea, comedones, pustules, papules, nodules and scarring. It mainly affects the face, neck, upper chest and back as these are the places that are densely populated by sebaceous follicles. Acne in its severest form can be inflammatory. The general presumption is that acne occurs during the adolescence but, more often than not, adults also suffer from this skin disease. The major reason for acne during the adolescence is due to the rise in the testosterone hormone levels. Stress and poor diet plan may also contribute to this problem.

Let us check out the ways and means to prevent acne:

1. Wash your face regularly:
It is important to wash your face regularly. Allowing the dust and dirt, dead cells and oil to accumulate on the face will clog the pores and cause acne, whiteheads and blackheads. Choose a mild soap to wash the face and avoid excessive scrubbing. Rinse the face thoroughly to ensure that the soap and residue are washed off and wipe the face with a clean towel.

2. Steaming the face:
Steam the face at least once a week. This will help in opening up the clogged pores.

3. Make-up:
When there is an outbreak of acne, do not use make-up; particularly foundation, powder and blush. If the situation demands you to wear make-up, then it is strongly recommended to wash the face cleanly at the end of the day. Oil-free or water-based cosmetics are the best to use when there is an outbreak.

4. Acne creams and lotions:
Several acne creams and lotions are available in the market. These are non-prescription products containing benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid that will help in getting rid of the bacteria that causes acne. Apply small quantities on the skin to test if there is any adverse reaction such as excessive peeling of the skin, redness, scaling or drying. If so, stop using the product and consult a dermatologist immediately.

5. Do not touch your face:
Never touch your face as it may cause infection and aggravate problem. Further, there may a strong urge to squeeze off the acne, but be warned that this will scar your face forever.

6. Diet:
Chalk out a proper diet plan. Including food rich in fibre, fresh leafy vegetables, fruits and whole grains will help. Junk and oily food should be avoided. In other words, a nutritious diet plan is a must. Some people may be allergic to certain type of foods. Find out the foods that causes acne in your case and stay away from it.

7. De-stress:
According to a recent study, stress is one of the major factors that cause acne. When stressed, the adrenal gland releases the hormone cortisol in large quantities which in turn produces oil. This oil blocks the pores in the skin and causes pimples. Therefore, de-stress yourself to prevent the onset of acne.
Acne is a skin condition that can be easily tackled with some lifestyle changes such as proper dietary plan or de-stressing. If the problem persists, then it is best to consult a dermatologist to analyse the root-cause for effective treatment.

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8 Easy Steps to Prevent Whiteheads

Whiteheads are caused by accumulation of hardened sebum in the face pores. Whiteheads are also the result of combination between oil and dead skin cells. They look tiny and hard white spots. Whiteheads usually appear on the face areas especially around nose, eyes, and forehead. Whiteheads also appear on the chest and neck. Their appearance are often accompanied with acne, pimple and blackheads. Actually, the best whiteheads treatment is to prevent them as soon as possible since you need to work harder to remove them if whiteheads have already occurred.

Whiteheads Treatment

Below are some useful treatments you can try to prevent whiteheads:

a. Keep your face skin clean and moisturized.

b. Wash your face twice a day.

c. Use moisturizer after washing face.

d. Steam your face for a few minutes to cleanse your skin. You can do this once a week.

e. Keep your face pores clean with facial. Use a mild facial cleanser which is oil free. You can also use a facial cleanser that contains salicylic acid. It can help unclogging the face pores.

f. Remove dead skin cells with mild exfoliator once a week.

e. Don't touch your nose since you can transfer bacteria and oil from your hands.

g. Don't ever try to squeeze whiteheads alone, it's better for you to consult to dermatologist first.

h. Drink enough water to get rid toxic out off your body.

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Acne Myths - 7 Top Acne Myths You Must Know

Many myths around us about acne. Some people say if chocolate can cause acne, or the sun will help you cure acne. Well, if you want to cure acne, you need to know the facts and myths about acne.

Myths about acne:

a. Washing face often is good to cure acne.

It is only recommended for you to wash face only once or twice a day. Over-washing face can lead skin to dryness and irritation.

b. Sex and masturbation can cause acne.

Acne can affect during puberty and hormonal imbalance. It has nothing to do with sex or masturbation. Until today, there is no scientific evidence that can show correlation between sex/masturbation and acne.

c. The sun will help cure your acne.

In fact, the sun can make your skin dry. More dangerous, the sun's rays can cause cancer and premature aging. Always use sunblock to protect your skin.

d. Popping pimples is good to take away your acne faster.

never pop your pimples. You can push dead skin cells, bacteria and oil deeper. And the worst, it can leave permanent scar to your face.

e. Don't wear make up if you want to cure your acne.

As long you don't wear heavy make up, it doesn't matter. But, if you find your cosmetics irritating your skin, you should change it and ask your dermatologist for the best solutions.

f. Use medication to stop acne breakouts.

Using too much medication can make your skin dry because it contains drying agents such as salycilid acyd and benzoil eroxide.

g. Chocolate can cause acne.

Chocolate has nothing to do with acne. Otherwise, antioxidant in chocolate is good for your skin. However, it is recommended for you to reduce eating milk chocolate. Pure chocolate is the best one.

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5 Top Benefits of Honey to Treat Acne

Sometimes, a good natural solution for acne can be found in your kitchen cupboard, honey. It's good news right?. Keep reading to find more about the benefits of honey and how to use it as acne natural solution.

Benefits of honey as acne natural solution:

a. Honey can kill bacteria that cause acne.
b. Honey is good to keep the skin's moisture.
c. Honey's anti oxidant can protect skin from effects of sun's rays.
d. Honey is an ideal cleansing agent.
e. And it is good to absorb impurities from the face pores.

How to use honey as acne natural solution:

a. Try mixing this great natural stuff with hot water and drink it every morning. It's good to cure acne from inside your body.
b. Honey acne mask.
Apply this stuff to your face, wait for ten minutes and rinse off with water. Clean your face before using this mask.

Things you should note before using honey as treatment:

a. Honey does not work for everyone
Do not apply honey to your skin if you are allergic to honey, since it can cause an allergic reaction.
b. Find a good and ideal acne.
Make sure you don't use processed honey. Processed honeys have lost their antibacterial and anti inflammatory properties while in processing. You are so lucky if you get unprocessed honey directly from the producer.
c. It will lose its healing properties if it is placed in microwave.
d. If you like, you can try using cream or soap made from honey.
e. It is only good to cure acne caused by bacteria but not good to cure scar left by acne.

Benefits of Vitamin A to Prevent Acne

Vitamin A is not just essential for the health of eyes, but also good for your acne treatment. Maybe only a few of us know that deficiency of vitamin A can cause acne. Vitamin A itself can be found in carrots, bananas, orange, egg yolk and milk. You can also find this Vitamin in animal-based food such as cheese, egg, milk, etc.

Benefit of Vitamin A for Your Acne Treatment:

a. Natural inhibitor to sebaceous glands.

When your body has enough amount of Vitamin A, it will be an inhibitor to sebaceous glands. And the result, production of sebum will be much reduced. As we know, sebum and dead skin cell contribute to cause acne.

b. antioxidant.

- It is very helpful to control acne formation and to improve your skin health and to get rid toxin out of your body.
- Vitamin A is a Very powerful anti oxidant that gets rid of oxidative stress which is caused by free radicals.

c. Vitamin A helps face pores remove dead skin cell.

d. Vitamin A regulates the production of oil that blocks the face pores.

However, there are things that you should note:

a. Zinc is needed to absorb Vitamin A and help it prevent acne.

b. The daily value of Vitamin A for an adult is 5000 IU. Over dose Vitamin A can cause menstrual problem, liver toxicity, dizziness, vomiting headaches, and nausea.

c. Don't combine Vitamin A medications with other acne cream since it can lead to dryness.

d. Don't take vitamin A supplement orally if you are pregnant.

e. Beside Vitamin A, don't forget to include minerals, Vitamin E, omega, and other nutrition in your diet plan to prevent acne.

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