So what is acne Inflammation anyway??

Acne is a condition that makes the skin becomes red, rash, and even irritation. This condition can happen to anyone at any age, especially in adolescents who had experienced puberty.

Acne does not just affect the physical, such as black spots or scarring on the face, but also affect a person's social relationships with the surrounding environment. There are two types of acne based on the shape you need to know.

There are:

Inflamed acne

Inflammatory acne is open comedones from the enlargement and dilation blackheads are formed from cells and skin oils in the hair follicle. Hair follicles are (still) open to reveal a blackhead (black blackheads). Dark colors on blackheads do not signify that there is dirt in the pores. Instead, the oil in the pore-porilah which became dirty after exposure to outside air.

Closed comedones are formed when the hair follicle pores remain closed. Closed comedones blackheads or whiteheads are not exposed to outside air and did not cause discoloration (black). Closed comedones only appear as small bumps or sometimes pink on the skin.

acne Inflammation

Consisting of red pimples called papules (papules) and pustules (pustules), as well as larger pimples and swells known as closed comedones nodular.Papula is red, swollen, and inflamed. Pustules are closed komedos inflamed and began to break up and form pustular of various sizes.

While the nodular form of very large, chewy, which then become inflamed and swollen under the skin broke. If left untreated, apat produce deep scarring.